2024 Hyundai IONIQ 6: Features and Reviews

For times, assiduity interposers have been saying the hydrofoil is dead as crossovers came the dominant automotive life form. Hyundai would supplicate to differ, conforming the electric foundation of its acclaimed Ioniq 5 — yeah, a crossover — into a satiny hydrofoil body that wrings indeed further range from the same battery pack and electric motors. 

On the Edmunds EV Range Test, a binary- motor Ioniq 6 went an emotional 303 long hauls on a single charge, beating its EPA estimate of 270 long hauls. Also, a single- motor Ioniq 6 with the bigger battery has an EPA- estimated range of 361 long hauls, and we'd assume that it'd have a analogous increase on our real- world range test. 

DC fast dishes, the fire hoses of the charging world, give an affair inflow of between 50 to 350 kilowatts. Not all EVs can take advantage of the most important dishes but the Ioniq 6 can. Hyundai says you can recharge the battery from 10 to 80 capacity in a veritably quick 18 twinkles at an applicable fast- charging station( under ideal conditions). We singly vindicated the Ioniq 6's fast- charging performance as well. Grounded on our test results, this EV is one of the quickest- charging EVs you can buy. The hastily an EV can charge, the hastily you can get back on the road. Check out Edmunds' EV Range Test and EV Charging Test runners for all of our EV test results. 

 Challengers to consider 

The Ioniq 6 is the rare electric hydrofoil from a mainstream brand — and if you really want to get specialized and separate cruisers with caddies from electric buses with hatchbacks, it's rarer still. It might be surprising to see a Hyundai mentioned alongside the BMW i4 and Tesla Model 3, but what is truly shocking is how well it heaps up against them.

The Ioniq 6 takes the Ioniq 5's winning formula and shrinks it down while perfecting drivability and allowing for some real fun from behind the wheel. This four- door looks like nothing differently on the road and that styling is also functional, making the Ioniq 6 aerodynamic and effective as it bested its EPA- estimated range by over 10 in our testing. 


How does the IONIQ 6 drive? The Ioniq 6 provides a awful overall drive experience. On our test track, a binary- motor each- wheel- drive Limited model dashed from 0 to 60 mph in4.6 seconds. That is a bit slower than a similar Tesla Model 3 but still aplenty quick. Acceleration is smooth and progressive. You will have a lot of fun driving it on a twisty road. 

 The Ioniq 6 is also veritably stable under hard retardation and has a nicely managed transition between its regenerative and physical thickets. It's easy to decelerate down easily whether skimming to a stop or using the boscage pedal. 


How comfortable is the IONIQ 6? Fantastic lift quality makes for a comfortable lift for all passengers. The suspense is bendy

 enough to glide over road defects and rough pavement but noway feels afloat or disconnected from the auto it's the stylish of both worlds. This also helps the cabin to stay veritably quiet. At trace pets there is a bit of wind noise, but other than that effects stay rather serene. 

 We are less enthusiastic about the frontal seats. They are adequately comfortable but some motorists might wish for fresh lumbar and ham support. In back, the bottom is a little high so grown-ups might find the reverse of their legs coming off the cocoons a bit. And the middle seat is presumably not stylish used for longer than an hour or two, or you will get some complaints. 

 We set up the Ioniq 6 can toast or cool its cabin enough snappily. Having voluntary breezy front seats is nice, too. The controls for the heated and breezy seats are in the touchscreen. As similar, operating them can be a bit distracting compared to using physical buttons. 


How’s the innards? Hyundai has slimmed out the Ioniq 6's doors in the front and all of the controls that you'd traditionally find there( windows, cinches, glass adaptations) have been moved to other places. The placement takes some getting used to, but we suppose most possessors will get it down in a many weeks. 

The Ioniq 6's sprucely leaning roofline means you have to lean down a bit to enter the aft seat, but the door openings are wide so it's still enough easy to get in unless you are veritably altitudinous. Legroom is fantastic indeed for those well into the 6- bottom range, but those same passengers will find the hinder headroom to be enough tight. The ground- suchlike center press between the frontal seats is enough thick and takes up some of the knee room for the motorist. Limited hinder visibility because of the small hinder window and thick roof pillars is another minor issue. 


How’s the tech? Hyundai's multimedia system is pleasurable to use. Nothing feels further than a couple presses of the screen down, and the menu structure is intuitive. But there are a many effects about the system that are a bit annoying, starting with a lack of wireless smartphone connectivity. Yes, there's Android Auto and Apple CarPlay but you will have to plug in to get them. Also, you will have to do so using a USB- A harborage so you lose out on the hastily charging from the USB- C anchorages spread throughout the cabin. 

 Searching for stations pulls them up in a list format sorted by distance, but you can not tell which station is closest along your route — only which one is closest to you. It's better to use your phone to find a charging station via Google Charts or a third- party app. But the other problem is that the battery's preconditioning, which readies the battery for briskly charging, is tied to inputting a charging station into the native navigation. You can not do it manually. This poor stoner experience needs enhancement. 

 It comes with trace Driving lift 2 on the top two neat situations, which allows for automatic lane changes while on the trace and works down to a stop. The system does a good job of keeping the auto centered in the lane and decelerating down and accelerating easily. 


How’s the storehouse? Grounded only on the spec distance, the Ioniq 6 should be in trouble then with only11.2 boxy bases of room in its box. For comparison, a Honda Civic has14.8 boxy bases and the Tesla Model 3 has19.8 cells of box space. But when we performed a luggage test, both the Ioniq 6 and Model 3 fit about the same quantum. There's no underfloor storehouse like you will get in the Tesla and the box is not veritably wide, though it's deep. 

 Inside, there's a large storehouse caddy between the frontal seats that is big enough to fit a small bag or bag and plenitude of small recesses on the doors and over by the wireless charging pad to fit lower particulars. For auto seats, the Ioniq 6's generous hinder legroom makes it easy to maneuver in the space and get a seat acquainted duly, but the LATCH anchors can be tough to pierce. 

Range and effectiveness 

How are the range and effectiveness? We tested a binary- motor Ioniq 6 in the Limited trim. The EPA estimates this interpretation can go 270 long hauls on a full charge. On the Edmunds EV Range Test, the Ioniq 6 exceeded that estimate, covering 303 long hauls. 

This does put the Ioniq 6 behind the Model 3 Long Range, which covered 341 long hauls in our rearmost range test for that model, but it's still an emotional caching for the Hyundai. Also, a single- motor Ioniq 6 with the bigger battery has an EPA- estimated range of 361 long hauls, and we'd assume that it'd have a analogous increase on our real- world range test. Part of the Ioniq 6's long range comes from its effective use of electricity. In our testing, it used27.5 kWh per 100 long hauls of driving, coming in below the estimated 33 kWh/ 100 long hauls. 

When you are putting energy back in rather of using it, the Ioniq 6 is compatible with the most important 350- kW DC presto- charging stations. Hyundai says this allows you to charge from 10 to 80 battery in just 18 twinkles( in ideal conditions, of course). We have also vindicated Hyundai's claims. Grounded on our effectiveness results, the Ioniq 6 is one of the quickest- charging EVs you can buy. 


Is the IONIQ 6 a good value? There is good value then indeed though the Ioniq 6's price label does feel high. It's priced at the same position as the Ioniq 5, but you get a lot lower mileage out of the hydrofoil body than the SUV. But the figure quality of the cabin is on the advanced end for anon-luxury vehicle, and the accoutrements feel nice to the touch, however there is a lot of plastic especially on the doors. Hyundai also offers the same robust bond on its EVs as it does its gas vehicles 10 times/ 100,000 long hauls for the battery and powertrain, five times/ 60,000 long hauls of introductory content, and three times/ 36,000 long hauls of free conservation. 

The Ioniq 6 also offers two free times of 30- nanosecond charging sessions at Electrify America presto- charging stations, so you can fill up for free while on the go. 



The Ioniq 6 has a stinky, head- turning style that will be centralizing. But what can not be denied is how delightful it's from behind the wheel. Acceleration, running, retardation, lift quality and sportiness from the powertrain are all finely tuned. Its low center of graveness gives the hydrofoil exceptional balance. occasionally cruisers just wan na have fun. 

Which IONIQ 6 does Experts recommend? 

Still, the SEL opens up fresh color choices and includes Hyundai's trace Driving lift II as standard outfit, If you can spare somerange.However, are you really indeed driving the future? 

If your EV is not able of hands-free trace driving. 

 Hyundai IONIQ 6 models 

Hyundai offers the 2024 Ioniq 6 in four trim situations SE Standard Range, SE, SEL and Limited. The SE Standard Range is the value leader, with a 53- kWh battery pack and a single motor( 149 power, 258 lb- ft of necklace) driving the hinder bus. The EPA estimates its range at 240 long hauls. The rest of the lineup has a77.4- kWh battery pack and more important motors.

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